WP3 - Insertion Regions Magnets

WP3 - Insertion Regions Magnets


WP Leader: Ezio Todesco

Main WP Engineers: Susana Izquierdo Bermudez, Arnaud Foussat, Glyn Kirby, Andrea Musso, Juan Carlos Perez, Herve Prin, Delio Duarte Ramos

Technologies:  Magnets components and assemblies, Cryostats and subcomponents for cryogenic equipment, High precision assembling and manufacturing technologies, Raw materials

Main Materials: Aluminium, Composite materials, Copper, Fiber Glass braided insulation, Iron,  Low Carbon Steel, Nb3Sn, NbTi, Stainless Steel

Key external factors: 1.9K, Radiation

WP3 in a nutshell (Please note that info provided in this document is subject to be changed. Mentioned quantities, materials, parameters, etc. may change along the design and/or manufacturing process of the equipment)

WP3 Main Activities

Next 18 months procurement needs (Access restricted to ILOs)




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