CERN is organizing and participating in several Industry events for the High Luminosity LHC project. The aim of these events is to connect CERN with potential industrial partners that could deal with the specific technical challenges of the High-Luminosity LHC. One of the objectives of the HL-LHC project is to increase the number of industrial companies working on HiLumi. In line with EU efforts, CERN's goal is to foster R&D collaborations and to push knowledge exchange between research institutes and companies to prepare the field for the deployment of the European commercial potential.  
Further events are scheduled for the next years in order to continue exchanging information and knowledge.

See on the table below the information related to these events (official sites, programs, etc.). Click this link to consult the selected presentations.


Name Date Useful links

Big Science Business Forum (ESP)

Oct 2022
SC Technologies (CERN) Dec 2012
Veldhoven (NL) Nov 2014
Bologna (IT) June 2015
Industrial Day (CERN) June 2015
Veldhoven (NL)  Nov 2015
QUACO (CERN) Mar 2016
Ankara (TR) Apr 2016
2nd Industrial Day (PT) Oct 2016
Veldhoven (NL) Nov 2016
3rd Industrial Day (UK) May 2017
Veldhoven (NL) Nov 2017
Big Science Business Forum (DK) May 2018
Big Science Sweden Conference (SW) November 2019