HL-LHC Tendering

HL-LHC Tendering

CERN procures supplies and services and awards orders and contracts in compliance with the principles of transparency and impartiality.

CERN’s tendering procedures are selective and do not take the form of open invitations to tender or price enquiries. They shall, in principle, be limited to firms established in the Member States (Including candidates for accession and associate Member States).

Invitation to tender and price enquiry documents shall be drafted in an objective way so as to guarantee fair competition.

Subject to the provisions aimed at achieving balanced industrial return for all the Member States, contracts and orders shall be awarded to the firm whose bid meets the technical, financial and delivery requirements and:

  • Is either the lowest; or
  • Represents the best value for money.

Advance information on forthcoming market surveys and calls for tenders expected to exceed 200,000 Swiss francs can be checked on the link below.

Click here to see the current Call for tenders for HL-LHC project