Precision Fair at Veldhoven - November 2014

For the 14th time, the Precision Fair in Veldhoven (south of Eindhoven in The Netherlands) has been organised by Mikrocentrum on November 12th and 13th, 2014. The Precision Fair has grown into the main European event on precision technology and has acquired an international reputation. More than 300 exhibitors from the high tech industry among them system integrators, module builders, engineering companies, suppliers, R&D Institutes and Universities, presented themselves in the technological heart of the Netherlands where OEMs such as Philips, ASML and FEI are located. The focus of this exhibition lies in the field of ultra-precision, from micro to nanotechnology. Precision technology is widely used in many industries such as semiconductor, healthcare, energy, life sciences, automotive, aerospace etc. In recent years, this trade fair has evolved, leading to a growing number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad. It offers a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and inform about the newest developments.


Objectives of the 2014 Precision Fair

  • Create awareness on existing knowledge through exhibits and lectures
  • Promote and improve cooperation and networking with the purpose of developing new products, new solutions, new markets and exchange of knowledge
  • Match supply and demand
  • 4000 visitors and 300+ exhibitors

Lecture program

Besides the 42 lectures by exhibitors, there is a keynote program with the DSPE conference, the euspen conference and big science lectures about CERN, ESRF and E-ELT.

International Precision Fair 12 and 13 November 2014

Precision Technology from product development to production International Brokerage Event and Match Making during the Precision Fair 2014 During the Precision fair a brokerage event (match making) is organised by Kamer van Koophandel, the Enterprise Europe Network and Mikrocentrum. The brokerage event is the stage for face to face meetings between small, medium and large sized companies and research organisations from domestic as well as foreign countries. During the brokerage event companies have the opportunity to get in contact, preferably by previously arranged individual meetings, with promising and relevant companies of choice all over Europe.

The intention of the brokerage event is to:

  • establish and intensify beneficial contacts Europe-wide
  • find relevant business partners
  • discover innovative solutions to all sorts of problems
  • identify and find partners for (European) research projects
  • find interesting and potential cooperation possibilities
  • strengthen and support international dialogue

Technology Hotspot

For the eigth consecutive year, Mikrocentrum has organised the ‘Technology Hotspot’ at the Precision Fair. Universities of applied sciences and research institutions have presented their research in the field of precision technology and mechatronics. Science has played a crucial role in the lecture program.

Largest Benelux precision trade fair

During the trade fair, more than 300 specialised companies and knowledge institutions from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries exhibited in a wide array of fields: optics, photonics, precision etching, high precision mechanics, nanotechnology, micro-system technology (MST/MEMS), mechatronics, embedded software, micro-assembly, micro-laser processing, micro-connections, sensor technology, motion control, vision systems, materials (composites, ceramics), precision machining, precision tools, measuring machines, precision plastics processing, and piezo technology.


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