Industrial Day at CERN - June 2015

This industrial event related to the major CERN project for the next decade, the High Luminosity LHC project, was held at CERN on 25-26 June 2015.

This event followed the previous industry oriented workshop “Superconducting Technologies for Next Generation of Accelerators” held at CERN in December 2012, and marked the end of the EU supported Design Study FP7-HiLumi LHC (grant n. 284404) and the beginning of the construction phase of the project.

Leading companies in the fields of superconductivity, cryogenics, power electronics, electrical engineering and mechanics met High Luminosity LHC project engineers at the IdeaSquare premises to explore the technical and commercial challenges emerging from the design and procurement of the LHC upgrade accelerator, and to match them with state-of-the-art industrial solutions.

IdeaSquare Presentations    IdeaSquare Presentations 2

This initiative, structured as an event connecting CERN with the potential industrial partners facing the High Luminosity LHC specific technical challenges, aims at fostering R&D collaborations and knowledge exchange, preparing the field for the deployment of the European commercial potential. The main topics of this event relevant to the manufacturing and procurement of the HiLumi LHC components will be:

  • High Luminosity LHC project: technical challenges
  • High Luminosity LHC project: the schedule
  • Procurement and legal framework

The participants were welcomed with a working dinner on Thursday 25 June 2015 in the Annex of CERN Restaurant no.1. Additionally, a visit to CERN facilities (SM18, Large Magnet Facilities and Main Workshop) was organized on the same afternoon.

LMF Visit    Main Workshop visit

In the morning of Friday 26 June 2015, the presentation of the High Luminosity LHC project was followed by several technical presentations that detailed the main technology domains as well as the construction and procurement challenges. A schedule presentation provided the timeline of the procurement to come, and the legal framework talk gave another opportunity for further discussions.

In the afternoon, business to business meetings on topics relevant to the High Luminosity LHC project were arranged according to participant requests.

B2B Meetings at IdeaSquare 2    B2B Meetings at IdeaSquare

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